A man with a viewfinder toy taped to his face with a gaming controller

Virtual Reality, by S. Christopher James, August 2022.

This piece utilizes a 20th-century viewfinder toy and a 21st-century toy game controller as a tool to draw comparisons between that time and the present in the United States. It is a creative and nostalgic way of exploring historical and social changes. By framing contemporary scenes through the lens of the past at the same time showing a popular toy of the present, this art offers viewers a unique perspective on how our society has evolved over time, there are some similarities but when you take our present technology our ability to find truth is hijacked by a fantasy that is hard to escape from and thus gives us a world that makes it more difficult to separate truth from fiction. It also invites contemplation about the impact of history on our current lives and the potential lessons we can learn from the past if we close to allow it.