Space Force

Space Force ©2021 by S. Christopher James.

20th-century kid’s toy space hero battles a modern-day menace. The motivation for Space Force was from Matt Mason, the popular action figure produced by Mattel in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This figure, science officer Lt. Jeff Long was part of the “Major Matt Mason” line, which capitalized on the excitement surrounding space exploration during the Space Race era. The figures were about six inches tall and include several other characters including Sgt. Storm, and Doug Davis, as well as alien characters like Captain Lazer and Callisto.

Today, Major Matt Mason toys are highly sought after by collectors, with original pieces and playsets in good condition fetching significant prices. Overall, Major Matt Mason toys hold a nostalgic value and are remembered fondly for their creativity, attention to detail, and role in inspiring a generation of space enthusiasts.

Exhibitions include a showing at the Si Gallery in Austin, Texas.


Image size is 11 x 14.625-inches. Paper size is 13 x 18-inch 100% cotton rag, heavyweight card stock that is Archival quality. Available as a limited-edition hand-pulled serigraph. Signed and numbered by the artist. Only ten original serigraphs were created. A digital version is also available.