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Sentimental is a piece that recognizes the late great John Coltrane. The wordplay in the jacket area was extracted from many of his song titles, thereby creating a collage of positive thoughts and musical mastery.

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Red Tails Immortalized White glossy coffee mug


A courageous group of WWIIpilots forever enshrined in Americaas a magnificent children’s toy. Taken from the original screenprint, YANK!, by S.C. James.

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Cognac Union Spiral notebook


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Space Force Art Print


Space Force ©2021 by S. Christopher James. 9 x 12-inch giclee fine art print. 20th-century kid’s toy space hero battles a modern-day menace. Only 50 will be sold signed and numbered as limited-edition giclee fine art prints. Exhibitions include a showing at the Si Gallery in Austin, Texas.

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