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Tuskegee Airmen Poster


The Tuskegee Airmen were a group of African-American military pilots, navigators, bombardiers, mechanics, and support staff of the 332nd Fighter Group who served during World War II. They were part of the U.S. Army Air Corps, later becoming the U.S. Army Air Forces. The Tuskegee Airmen became one of the war’s most highly respected and successful fighter groups. Known as “Redtails” because of the painted red tail section of their P-51 Mustang fighter planes, their achievements significantly broke down racial barriers in the military, paving the way for the desegregation of the armed forces.

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I have the proper document serigraph


I have the proper document by S. Christopher James. ©June 2020. This is a Limited edition serigraph. The figure is holding a representation of the Constitution. The slightly hidden Jesus is part of a sign that says, “the good ship Jesus,” believed to be the first boat to bring slaves to the Americas. The figure is bound and restricted but strong. It symbolizes the might and perseverance in the face of African American struggles in this nation. It is never meant to show despair.

On the contrary, it shows the potential to endure many unending battles in the quest for equality and fairness. 


  • it’s a small world: A Virtual Community Art Exhibition 2020, Disney Museum. 
  • Right to Vote, Hera Gallery, Rhode Island. 
  • Political Discord 2020, Las Laguna Gallery, California. 
  • Drawing National: DMAContemporary 2020, Plano, Texas.  
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Space Force Serigraph


Space Force ©2021 by S. Christopher James. 20th-century kid’s toy space hero battles a modern-day menace. Available as a limited-edition hand-pulled serigraph. Only ten original serigraphs were created. Exhibitions include a showing and the Si Gallery in Austin, Texas.

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Sentimental Serigraph


Sentimental ©2015, by S.C. James. Sentimental is a representation of the prolific jazz musician John Coltrane. His sound continues to grab the ears of an ever-widening circle of fans. His legend is stone solid: planted firmly in our culture like any 20th-century musical giant. His saxophone sound—brooding, searching, dark—is still one of the most recognizable in modern jazz. His influence stretches over styles and genres and transcends cultural boundaries. The modern ideal of music serving a profoundly spiritual, connective purpose? A defining facet of John Coltrane. In this piece, the words in the jacket are titles of his songs used to create meaningful phrases.

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Innocence Lost


Innocence Lost ©2021, by S. Christopher James. Since my first writing on this piece, Texas politicians have loosened gun laws so that almost anyone can purchase an assault-style weapon. The politics of this dangerous precedent are so absurd that I compared it to an iconic children’s toy holding an assault rifle.


  • Shockboxx Gallery June 2021
  • Artistonish, May 2021
  • Si Gallery in Austin, Texas
  • Also featured on Artsy.com
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Old Man Henry Serigraph


Old Man Henry, by S. Christopher James, ©2021. Old Man Henry was named from a folktale of the legendary John Henry. John Henry is a legendary figure deeply rooted in American folklore. He is often depicted as an African American railroad worker who achieved fame for his remarkable strength and prowess. According to the popular folk song and various versions of the story, John Henry competed against a steam-powered drilling machine in a race to dig a tunnel through a mountain. Despite his impressive efforts, John Henry triumphed over the machine but sadly succumbed to exhaustion and passed away soon after. His tale symbolizes workers’ struggle against industrialization and the legacy of determination, resilience, and the human spirit in the face of technological advancement. If he had survived, I imagine him always working as a steel-driving man into his older years, as so many laborers will do.

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Thelonious Monk Poster


Thelonious Monk was a renowned American jazz pianist and composer. He was one of the most innovative and idiosyncratic musicians in jazz history. Monk’s unique style, characterized by dissonant harmonies, angular melodies, and rhythmic complexities, challenged traditional conventions and greatly influenced the development of bebop and modern jazz. His compositions, such as “Round Midnight” and “Blue Monk,” are now considered jazz standards. Monk’s playing style was marked by percussive and unpredictable improvisations that showcased his distinctive approach to the piano. His signature hats were just as unique to his style as were his compositions. The piano on his head not only represents the hats he wore but implies a vision that insinuates his craft. It informs us of his genius that is timeless even to this day.

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American Jazz Trumpeter


American Jazz Trumpeter by S. Christoper James. This digital print was derived from the original serigraph. It represents the late great Miles Davis (1926-1991), an influential and innovative American jazz musician, trumpeter, and composer. He played a crucial role in developing various jazz styles, including bebop, cool, modal, and jazz fusion. Known for his virtuosic trumpet playing, Davis constantly pushed boundaries and reinvented himself throughout his career. His albums, such as “Kind of Blue,” are considered timeless classics and have profoundly impacted the genre. Davis was a brilliant instrumentalist and a visionary bandleader who collaborated with many talented musicians, fostering new approaches to improvisation and composition. His contributions to jazz and his ability to redefine the genre make Miles Davis an enduring and legendary musical figure.


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