An image of Gumby holding an assault rifle in a church.

This thought-provoking artwork, titled “Innocence Lost, by S. Christopher James,” presents a striking visual commentary on the state of gun control in America through the juxtaposition of an iconic childhood figure, Gumby, holding an assault weapon.

By presenting Gumby, traditionally associated with innocence and playfulness, in a context that starkly contrasts these qualities, the artwork compels viewers to confront the dissonance between our collective ideals of safety, security and the reality of widespread gun violence.

The deliberate use of symbolism aims to provoke thoughtful conversations and encourage viewers to engage with the complexities of the gun control debate. By challenging conventional perceptions and highlighting the need for change, the artwork urges society to reexamine its stance on gun control, fostering a deeper understanding of the issue and inspiring action toward a safer future.