Man with purple shades standing in front of worn posters

The title derives from a 20th-century film called, Who is Darkman? Darkman is a fictional superhero known for his tragic backstory and unique abilities.

Like the fictional character, this work metaphorically experiences a sense of invisibility due to our blindness. Sometimes as black men, we feel isolated and disconnected from the mainstream. This can create barriers in our interpersonal relationships and overall development. However, we are resourceful and can adapt to our surroundings. 

Like Darkman, we, at times, conceal our true identity and persona to protect ourselves and our loved ones. To operate more effectively, we wear masks to conceal our identity. Since our eyes can reveal so much about us, we wear dark glasses. This may give us a sense of invisibility due to our blindness, but it also gives us a chance to address the issues of racial identity, prejudice, and the struggle for self-definition.

This art attempts to embark on a journey of self-discovery, inspiring us to find our identity in a world that often wants to deny our existence. Our perseverance enables us to find empowerment through our unique perspective as African-Americans.