Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost ©2021, by S. Christopher James. Since my first writing on this piece, Texas politicians have loosened gun laws so that almost anyone can purchase an assault-style weapon. The politics of this dangerous precedent are so absurd that I compared it to an iconic children’s toy holding an assault rifle.


  • Shockboxx Gallery June 2021
  • Artistonish, May 2021
  • Si Gallery in Austin, Texas
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Innocence Lost. ©2021, by S. Christopher James. 11 x 14.625-inch image. This is the original hand-pulled seven-color screenprint shown at the Shockboxx Gallery in Hermosa Beach, CA, and the Si Gallery in Austin, Texas. Only five of these were released for purchase. Three of the five have been sold to collectors. Therefore, only two are left, not including the artist’s proofs.