Sentimental ©2015, by S.C. James. Sentimental is a representation of the prolific jazz musician John Coltrane. His sound continues to grab the ears of an ever-widening circle of fans. His legend is stone solid: planted firmly in our culture like any 20th-century musical giant. His saxophone sound—brooding, searching, dark—is still one of the most recognizable in modern jazz. His influence stretches over styles and genres and transcends cultural boundaries. The modern ideal of music serving a profoundly spiritual, connective purpose? A defining facet of John Coltrane. In this piece, the words in the jacket are titles of his songs used to create meaningful phrases.


Sentimental. Screen print of John Coltrane printed in six-colors on 110lb. cover weight Cranes Lettra. The image size is 9×15. Paper size is 12.5×19 inches. © 2015